Maj 30, 2018


ISS RFID Sp. z o. o. is a technology company, operating in the area of intelligent systems using RFID. Our goal is to launch innovative solutions based on new materials and technologies that allow us to achieve a competitive advantage, with particular emphasis on the safety of processes occurring in enterprises.

Security systems developed by ISS RFID, are tailored for your individual needs. We treat every project as a new challenge to provide you products and services on the highest level, designed to work in the most difficult environmental conditions.

RFID solutions are applicable in areas where increasing of the level of security and increasing of the security of the supply chain is a crucial factor. We are focused on following markets: logistics and warehouse managment, TSL, retail, pharmaceutical, fuel and energy, electronics, and banking.

Advantages of our solutions:

  • increasing the security level of products or transport
  • full control of the supply chain
  • ability to identify the product from a greater distance than in traditional security solutions, regardless of weather conditions
  • additional tamper protection by embedded electronic circuit inside the security solution
  • instant information about a violation or unauthorized interference in a given zone (geomapping) or during security processes (two-system tags)
  • economic benefits due to reduced involvement of people needed to control the goods (reduction of employment costs) and more effective use of the potential and human resources
  • inventory processes improvement in logistics, production, transport by enabling the reading the data from many products within few seconds, from few meters away

Company Mission:

Optimization of processes by increasing control and security levels by using RFID/IoT. We reduce the distance between new technologies and the average user. We provide innovative and effective solutions in the field of intelligent systems using RFID, which allow you to achieve a competitive advantage.



Company Vision:

We want to create and offer comprehensive, intelligent solutions that increase level of security of processes and products in the supply chain. Thanks to experience, knowledge of security markets and cooperation with teams of scientists and researchers, we want to popularize and develop RFID technology and to ensure our position as a leader among competitors on the global market.

Our values:

The basic values that we follow every day in our work are:

  • providing customers with the highest level of service
  • knowledge and experience
  • innovation and professionalism
  • responsibility and honesty
  • effectiveness
  • constant development

Our Products:

  • Personalized solution for individual customer needs
  • A unique, multi-level solutions, essential for increasing security levels, using geomapping and critical points of control
  • Thanks to RFID technology we increase the attractiveness of standard security – for the user it becomes not only an information marker, but also combines tracking elements, identifying if it was used correctly and to check product originality.

Our organization of work:

  • a multidisciplinary team combining experience, knowledge and passion for both technical and sociological-economic fields
  • the ability to make quick decisions
  • individual responsibility and awareness of employees
  • the ability to respond quickly to changing market situations or your expectations

Specially for You:

  1. We provide consultancy services in the field of:
    • control supply chain
    • inventory and security of assets
    • access control for warehouse and offices
  2. Our offer includes:
    • complete RFID solutions tailored to the needs of the recipient
    • intelligent security solutions using RFID technology
    • innovative security systems designed for individual customer requirements
  3. For customers:
    • we modify and adapt RFID seals and system solutions
    • we design and prototype seals and security for individual wishes – we provide advice and guidance on customer safety procedures