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Intelligent Security Solutions RFID is a technology company that operates in the field of intelligent systems using radio technologies. We have been operating on the market since 2015, drawing on more than 30 years of experience of our mother company active in the security and packaging sector. We conduct research and development activities, cooperate with universities and research centres from Poland and abroad.

In 2016 our team created and patented as a global innovation a prototype of RFID TE seal and two years later ISS RFID has won the title of Best Startup 2018 in the Space3AC project. Our innovations translate into real benefits. Due to RFID system deployment, customers achieve savings in inventory and storage activities and increase processes security in their companies.


Our mission is to increase security by optimising the business of our customers.

We are geared to developing and marketing innovative and effective solutions based on the latest materials and technologies that effectively solve the problems of our customers. We are constantly expanding our knowledge, cooperate with research entities and follow the world trends. All in order to provide our customers with the best RFID solutions allowing them to achieve a competitive advantage.


The ISS RFID team consists of visionaries with expert knowledge, who are not afraid to take on challenges.

We are united by passion, knowledge and experience, and, above all, the willingness to deal with new tasks that require an open approach and innovative solutions. We are experts in technical, economic and sociological fields, able to react quickly to the changing market environment. We are characterized by individual approach to our client and a good understanding of customers needs. This enables us to offer dedicated solutions with the help of radio technologies.

  • Adam Silny – Managing Director
  • Ewa Knapińska – Operational Director
  • Jakub Kownacki – Technical Director
  • Marcin Madziąg – Member of the Board of Directors


ISS RFID is a young technology company that operates in the area of intelligent systems using RFID technology. Innovation, constant cooperation with teams of specialists from research institutes and with international partners gives opportunity for an interesting and inspiring career. At ISS RFID we value most of all employees with an expert level of technology knowledge striving to provide customers with the best solutions tailored to their needs. We seek for passion in their action.

If you would like to work together with us and introduce innovative solutions, please send email to praca@issrfid.com.

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ISS RFID Sp. z o.o.
ul. Druskiennicka 20
81-533 Gdynia
tel.: +48 502 077 625

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