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ISS Yachts

ISS Yachts (Inventory Smart System for Yachts) is an intelligent stocktaking system that is based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. It allows to check the presence of tagged equipment swiftly.

Our solution is the response to the onerous process of checking charter boat equipment at check-out. Nowadays customers expect swift and simple boat return procedures.

Thanks to our equipment you can speed-up the process to just a few minutes and, as a result of that, improve your customer’s overall satisfaction. The introduction of ISS Yachts will reduce staff cost through automation but also minimize human error related inaccuracies.

Benefits and advantages:

  • Simple to implement and operate
  • Substantial time savings – allow staff cost reduction
  • Highly automated process (no human error)
  • Remotely controllable results
  • Easy management of detailed reports (statistics, process improvement opportunities)
  • Industry leading technology

Presentation of the system available for download here.

How it works

ISS Yachts is based on RFID technology. During the scanning process RFID tags bounce back the signal containing information about the ID, status and additional required information (a myriad of options available). This communication allows to run a stocktake without the necessity of touching or seeing the object and the progress can be monitored live on the scanner display.

The system consists of three main components:

  • a set of RFID tags,
  • a mobile scanner,
  • a cloud based software.

Most common are adhesive tags, but depending on surface material, working environment and conditions bolt-on, rivet and many more options are available. We have tested many tags available on the market and only the ones that passed our rigorous procedures are being used in our system. These tags are attached to all relevant components of the equipment.

The mobile scanner is a waterproof multi-functional device which consists of the following components:

  • an antenna which is used to receive the signal from the tags
  • a touch screen
  • a dust proof keyboard
  • a built in camera
  • a WiFi/GSM module for live data transfer to the cloud based software

The software is easy to operate and consists of the following:

  • an Internet application software, which allows to manage all inventory components. You can set various locations (country/marina/boat name/areas on board). Also, you can create groups and types of equipment – depending on its purpose (navigational tools, fire hazard, engine compartment, galley etc.)
  • an Android app , which is installed on the dedicated scanner.


If you are interested or you would like to test ISS Yachts, please get in touch here!

ISS RFID Sp. z o.o.

Michael Ginter


mobile: +48 502 077 625

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