ISS RFID offers innovative solutions based on RFID technology which is currently used in many industries to optimise processes in companies. We offer tailor-made solutions designed specifically to fit customers requirements and provide integration with existing systems. The advantages of ISS RFID systems using RFID technology:

  • streamlining of inventory, warehousing, logistics, production and transport processes,
  • costs reduction and increased work efficiency
  • verified security solutions and increased employee safety.

As the first step, we recommend using a pilot program, which includes testing, with the use of specialized equipment for radio environment analysis, installation of mobile checkpoints and RFID devices, as well as preparation of dedicated software. After that, the customer can make a decision about the implementation based on the conclusions of the RFID pilot in the real work environment.

Our solutions are applied and contribute to process optimisation in the following industries:

  • logistics, warehousing and TSL,
  • retail,
  • food,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • fuel and energy,
  • electrical and electronic,
  • banking and cash handling companies,
  • public administrations, the military, police and prison services.

Our RFID systems enable:

  • inventory management and tracking of freight traffic in logistic processes,
  • checking the accuracy of inventory, managing the state of stores and goods in the store,
  • traceability and control of the full supply chain,
  • monitoring and control of the cold supply chain,
  • identification and real-time tracking of objects and people by means of location systems,
  • tracking resources within a company.

Among offered RFID systems we provide products that make up complete security solutions by optimising the business of our customers. These include:

RFID seals – passive without battery power, transmitting information about the assumed protection from a distance of a few meters as well as active allowing to send the location information independently. In addition, our solutions are equipped with the function „tamper evidence”, which provides a visual (surface footprint) and radio information about tampering.

TrackLock 2.0 Security – electronic seals with built-in GPS, GSM, RFID, BT modules that provide real-time transport monitoring. Thanks to communication with online platform, the seal provides immediate information about its location, status (i.e. open, closed, tampered) and route progress. It allows full supply chain monitoring along with generating reports and statistics. Arming seals in many ways (using RFID cards, web platform, mobile application, SMS, Bluetooth or PIN code) makes it possible to access the goods only by authorized persons.

We also offer a spectrum of RFID devices, such as: mobile readers for flexible reading, warehouse inspection and quick inventory. We also provide readers and stationary antennas that are attached in entry and exit areas of warehouse, allowing inspection of incoming and outgoing goods in order to automate processes. All RFID systems are complemented by ISS RFID tags and labels that are selected for specific project needs.

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